Unique Ways to Organize Your Home With Vintage Treasures

I like to consider myself a part-time treasure hunter. One, because it sounds really cool, and two, because I really like digging around in old buildings and houses for cool old stuff. I’ve been in the antique business with my mom for the past three years, so we’ve come across quite a few unique and interesting things in our hunting. Most of the decor and furniture in my house is not new by a long shot. I like to use old junk (or vintage and antique decor as most refer to it) in unique and useful ways, so I thought I would share with you some ideas on how you can use vintage decor to organize your home. All this stuff I see regularly when I go to estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores, so it should be fairly easy for you to find at a good price if you’re willing to search. You could always go to antique stores as well, but be prepared to pay a good chunk more.


Cheese Crates

Cheese crates are so adorable to me. They are perfect for storing remotes or desk supplies like scissors, pens and pencils, tape, etc. I mean the possibilities are endless when it comes to a box, but that’s what I like to use them for.sugardish.jpg

Silver Creamer & Sugar Dishes

I use these to store my makeup brushes, bobby pins, and hair bands. They look so lovely. I think ceramic floral ones would be equally as cute.



Vintage teacups are an adorable way to organize your jewelry, but I still think my favorite thing to put in them is tea. But still, adorable.


Old Windows

This is the only thing on my list that involves a little DIY. I’m not really a DIY kind of girl. I’m more of a buy it and there it is kind of girl. But thankfully I have people like my mom to do it for me. You can turn an old window into a coat hanger and chalkboard for memos with a little chalkboard paint and some large hooks (just make sure you install them on the wide part of the window). My mom also stained mine, but you could do whatever you want with it. Thanks mom!

Another idea is to use one as a pot rack. Buy some hooks to hang your pots from and a chain to hang it to the ceiling (as seen above) from a home improvement store. Voila, pot rack. You just need to make sure you find the studs in the ceiling to hang the chain from, or voila, disaster.

Old Cabinets

If you don’t have the luxury of a pantry then an antique cabinet is a great way to store your food if you have the space, and will add some character to your kitchen. I use an antique pie safe, which I only paid $75 for! Sorry, just had to brag.Those things are expensive. Another idea would be for blanket and board game storage in your living room.


There are all kinds of weird ways you can use vintage knickknacks if you find the right ones. I use a brass deer to hold all of my rings by hanging them on his antlers, a small vintage bird planter to hold writing utensils and scissors in my kitchen (but it would also be an interesting item to hold remotes), and several random ones as quirky bookends (just make sure they are heavy enough though).


Sewing Table Drawers

They can pretty much be used in the same way as cheese crates, but they look perfect with perfume bottles stored in them, or used to corral bathroom objects like cute little jars full of cotton balls.


Cake Plates

Vintage cakes plates are a lovely way to keep similar objects grouped together whether it be toiletries or your most used cooking oils and spices.


Zinc Mason Jar Lids

Random I know, but I love using these for organizing little things like bobby pins and paper clips. I also saw a DIY project (once again, not a DIYer) where you cut out a piece of cork and put it inside the lid, and then use it as a coaster. Looked pretty cool to me, but when would I ever get around to buying a piece of cork?



Crates are way more awesome than any boring old basket you could get at a craft store. It’s a box, so there are countless ways you could use them. I use mine for holding all my bathroom junk (hairdryer, brush, hairspray, etc.), because I have no storage in my tiny bathroom whatsoever. I also use one to corral all the books and magazines I’m currently reading, my notebooks, and computer charger. They would also would be great for holding rolls of toilet paper, as shelving when stacked together on their sides against a wall or individually hung on a wall, to hide piles of shoes at the entryway or kids toys in the living room, the possibilities are endless. Well, maybe not endless. It is just a box after all.

Do you use any random objects to organize your home?