The Journey: Achieving Your Dreams Step Five

Once you have started down the road to become what you hope to be, you will have to overcome obstacles along the way, and most importantly you will have to allow yourself to enjoy the journey. Smack that bear in the face, whatever it might be, and trek on (or maybe just throw a hot dog in the opposite direction and run), and then commence with plenty of picnics and much frolicking.

If you want to be successful then listen up and understand the following sentence. Your journey to what you hope to become is NOT going to go as you planned it. We can’t predict the future, so when those roadblocks come you are going to have to make adjustments (i.e. failing a class, being told no, getting married, etc.). You must recognize now that it won’t go as planned, and something will most likely throw a wrench in your tire, so you are prepared mentally when things do go wrong. That way you won’t give up just because it got hard and you are able to handle it, a.k.a. smack that bear in the face, and mount his head on a wall (or load up on hot dogs). The more you overcome the more endurance you will have to keep pushing on, and you will develop muscles the size of Texas (what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger). When you don’t think you can do it just focus on each step, and put one foot in front of the other. You will get there eventually.

Now we are going to talk about something I find a little more serious in this area of achieving your goals, and that’s allowing yourself to be unhappy because you don’t have something you want. We become like little kids in the store crying for a toy. Once you get the toy, you just pitch a fit for another one the next time you go to the store, while the last toy sits on a dark corner of a shelf getting dusty.

You want to know what the trick to being happy is? Learning to be content with what you have now in every situation that you are in (Philippians 4:12, try jumping in this rabbit hole, and see where it takes you), not focused on the thing you want in the future thinking that is what will make you happy. We often get to that thing in the future, and then find something else that we want, and forget that we were supposed to be happy with the thing we just got. And so the cycle continues on and on. I’m not saying that means you don’t try to achieve new things or change your life, but throughout all the changes, wherever you are in life, find an underlying sense of contentment. Be happy with what you have. Stop focusing on the negative and what you want to change about your life, but focus on what you do have that you love. Set your road map for the thing you hope to achieve, and let it do the thinking for you. We plan so we can forget. Focus on the now. Enjoy now. Now is all you really have.

The journey is where most of the fun happens, most of the memories. We waste our lives by focusing on the destination, and never realizing that we were actually living our lives when we were on our way there. Your life is not when you become a doctor or a wife or whatever it is you hope to become. Your life is now. Sometimes we say “I just can’t wait to get my life going,” because you haven’t started whatever you think a life should be made up of. Um, your life is going whether you like it or not, constantly and without your control! So do things now that you enjoy, and don’t wait to enjoy life until you get to your destination. Take walks, go out with your best friend, cuddle with your little wee ones (or in my case your cats). Laugh, love, and most importantly live.

Next week will be my last post on my Achieving Your Dreams series {sad face}. If you haven’t been keeping up or you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, then get to clicking and reading! Just click this link here, and follow the yellow brick road. Enjoy the journey, and remember achieving your dreams is going to make your life better, but it is not going to make you happy. Find your happiness today.

2 thoughts on “The Journey: Achieving Your Dreams Step Five

  1. I know what you mean. My life is definitely not as I pictured it would be, but it is better than I ever dreamed. I may not be a super journalist or nationally recognized school librarian, but I have my family, my home, and am blessed by Jesus. Thanks for sharing your inspirations.

  2. I really like this last post. It sums up what 99% of people think, the “I cannot wait until” time. I know that I am guilty of that all of the time. Great post!

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