Plan a Planetarium Date!

Planetarium date

Photo by Nasa

We all know what planetariums are, but have you ever thought of actually going to visit one? I think it would be the perfect place to go on a date! I love planetariums. I remember going to a mobile planetarium on field trips when I was a kid, and I was always so amazed by all the stars. Studying the stars makes you realize there are much bigger things out there. We are just a speck in the universe, yet sometimes we act like any issue we are facing is the worst thing in the world. Looking at the universe causes you to see beyond yourself. The Andromeda Galaxy isn’t affected if you get cut off in traffic, someone is mean to you, or you lose your job. It makes all our problems seem so small, and for some reason that is very comforting to me. There is so much beauty and so many things to explore here on earth, it blows my mind that there is an entire universe full of galaxies and planets that we can’t even see! The amount of detail and creation is astounding. So now that I’m off that tangent…

I also think anything involving stars is incredibly romantic (the perfect mood lighting), so my challenge for you this week is to pick a date sometime this month or the next, and go to a planetarium with your special fellow or gal. If you want to have a themed date you could have a Star Wars marathon afterwards, or go look at the actual stars with an astronomy chart and plaid blanket with a thermos full of coffee. Another great idea is to plan it on the same night as a meteor shower, and make wishes galore! You can go to EarthSky’s Meteor Shower Guide for all the meteor shower dates this year. Maybe throw in a moonwalk or two  ;).

I’ve already picked a date myself and marked it in my planner with a star next to it. Stay sparkly my friends! Errr or maybe something a little less cheesy.

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