Plan a Game Night

Plan a Game Night

Gut shaking laughter, great fun, and gorging on food to the point of uncomfortably buttoned pants. This is what I love about game nights. It’s my favorite way to spend time and enjoy life with my friends. So, I am sharing this not so original idea, and challenging you to plan one with your pals next month. You only need three things… food, games, and people (unless you’ve trained your hamsters to play board games).


Here are some of the games we like to play at our game nights:

  1. Canasta: Apparently it’s an old person card game (whatever that means), but it’s so much fun! Here’s a link on how to play.
  2. Heads Up!: This is a hilarious app that has been the cause of much gut shaking laughter at our game nights. You put the phone to your head, and have to guess whatever it says from the clues your friends give you. They act them out, sing, talk in silly accents, etc.
  3. Headbands: It’s pretty similar to Heads Up, except that everyone wears silly headbands with cards attached to them, and takes turns figuring out what they are by asking yes or no questions.
  4. Scattergories: You roll the die to get a letter, and have to think up things in different categories on a list starting with that letter under a certain amount of time (beware, this can get pretty goofy).
  5. Cornhole: This one requires a little more equipment than your average game, but it’s a blast. It’s basically a lawn game where teams toss bags of corn at a platform with a hole on the end (ringing counts as 3 points, and landing on the board counts as 1 point) until one team reaches 21. It can get very competitive.

What games do you and your friends or family like to play?


I’m pretty sure you can figure out what to do, but for the sake of my obsessive planning, I’m telling you what to do, so deal with it! Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Potluck: Everyone brings their favorite dish (or whatever they can find on the way to your house).
  2. Mexican Theme: Tacos, salsa, guacamole, cheese dip, and bean burritos.
  3. Finger Foods: Cute little weenies in blankets, meatballs on toothpicks, potato skins, and chicken nuggets.
  4. Thanksgiving Style: Casseroles, turkey, ham, deviled eggs, and mashed potatoes.
  5. Chinese Theme: Rice, sushi, eggrolls, chow mein, stir-fry, teriyaki chicken, and chopsticks.
  6. Pizza: Italian sausage, pineapple, mushroom, pepperoni. Give everybody a different topping to bring!
  7. Host makes the main dish, and guests bring the sides.


Co-workers, family, friends, groups you are a part of, the rock and mineral club, random people you meet on the street. Just grab someone and start playing! People can really drag you down, but they absolutely make life so much better, and this is just one of the many ways you can spend time with them.

What are you still doing here!? Get to calling your friends!