My Top 12 Favorite Planning Tools

Top 12 Planning Tools

I am a business owner, I am a bookkeeper and secretary, I am a writer, I am married to a youth minister, and I manage my household finances and groceries (and every now and again I throw in some cleaning). How do I keep from going completely crazy? Well, I don’t, but how do I keep myself a little less crazy? I have a few tools in my arsenal to give me random spurts of sanity, so I can get some actual work done. If you are interested in making yourself a little less crazy as well, then here’s a list of my top 12 planning tools that I use constantly to keep myself from roaming the streets shaking people and hissing at them:



My planner goes with me everywhere. It’s bright and colorful, and the second love of my life. I use it for my schedule, all my important lists, to plan out my dreams and goals, for meal planning, all sorts of things! Maybe one day I will give you a peek of what’s inside ;). (




 I use this for making all my budgets ( I make A LOT of budgets). I love it because I can quickly sum up all my expenses, and have it automatically subtract the expenses from my income to make sure I’m not budgeting to spend more than I have.


Reusable To Do List


I use this to organize all the tasks I have to do at my job, but it would be a great idea for a home maintenance schedule or something of that sort. Basically, it’s a clear sign holder (here’s one from office max) with a print out of everything I do weekly divided by the days of the week, and I just mark off tasks with a dry erase marker as I do them.


cheap notebooks


I go for the cheapest ones I can find. Using an expensive high quality journal seriously stunts my creativity, because I worry about wasting the pages. With crappy notebooks I am able to write badly and put down all my thoughts without feeling guilty about it.


Le Pen


My absolute favorite pen. It writes thickly and smoothly like a fine point sharpie, but doesn’t bleed through the page. Oh, and it’s cute and has a fancy name. (purchase here)


Wunderlist   IMG_5283   IMG_5284


I love making lists, probably one of the most boring passions to exist. Wunderlist is a super useful app that makes list making beautiful and simple, and you can easily make subitems for each item you create as seen above. Definitely one of my favorite list making tools besides any random scrap of paper I happen to find.




I use this to organize all my dreams, goals and plans with pretty pictures, and to get inspiration. I’m sure you know what Pinterest is, but it’s basically just an easier and cheaper way to make vision boards. (




This App is great! I use it for making grocery lists, but you can use it for any sort of list. It automatically categorizes everything you put on your list (dairy, meats, canned, etc.), and will recognize whatever food you are putting in, so you don’t have to type it out. It is awesome, and makes traversing the grocery aisles much easier.




I use this to track my spending, and make sure I am not going over budget. It connects to your bank account, and will automatically categorize your transactions into your budget categories. Did I mention it’s free? If you are worried about whether it’s safe or not this article might make you feel better. (




I am a huge nerd! This website is what I use to organize all the books I have read, and plan to read. Believe me it’s necessary. (


Google Photos


This app is a simple and great way to organize all your photos, and it backs them all up to your google account, so you can delete them off your phone. It’s super easy to create albums, and all kinds of other cool things. Much better than just letting a thousand pictures sit in one folder on your phone taking up space. Plus, it has this cool thing called visual search, where you can search for a term like “cats” and it will bring up a picture of all your darling kitten photos. (




This is how I know everything that I know. Well, besides how to be a decent human being or something. Well actually… (

Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed, and found something useful to improve your sanity!

8 thoughts on “My Top 12 Favorite Planning Tools

  1. I am addicted to most of these websites! Plus I am a pen addict, the more pens the happier I am :P I wish Filofax wouldn’t be so expensive for me, they are all so adorable.

    XOXO Nicole

  2. I’ve recently found myself becoming more and more of a list maker myself and it has literally made my life so much more streamlined and easier. It helps so much to get everything out of my head and onto something concrete. Love this post!

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