Meteor Shower Alert! August 2015

Meteor shower

Grab your blankets, because there’s  a meteor shower going on, and it’s supposed to be one of the best! I absolutely love outer space, and anything having to do with it, so when a meteor shower comes to town I get excited. The first time I saw a shooting star I was driving down the highway with my friend, and instantly started screaming out of excitement scaring the junk out of her (sorry!). I hope you are as excited as I am, because I will probably be giving more updates on meteor showers to come.  Here are the details:

WHEN: Tonight thru Thursday (Aug 11-13)

BEST VIEWING TIME: The 12th & 13th in the wee hours

WHAT TO BRING: Blanket, coffee, and someone to share it with

FOR MORE INFO: Check out this post from EarthSky

Your biggest problem is going to be finding somewhere dark enough to view it (curse you light pollution!), but hopefully you know someone who lives far enough from the city lights that wouldn’t mind you borrowing their yard.

Image courtesy of Internet Archives Book Images at Flickr from the textbook “Astronomy for the Use of Schools & Academies” (1882)