How To Create Meaningful Nights

Sometimes our weeknights can just become a boring old tradition of sitting in front of the TV eating dinner having zero interaction with each other, but I have a crazy idea that would add meaning and memories to every night. Eating at the dinner table. I don’t mean just sitting around eating, and everyone takes turns talking about their day, but actually making it special. Set the dinner table all fancy, put some candles in the middle, turn on some awesome music, and have interesting conversation. I know it’s not really that new of a concept, but it’s easy for us to forget about this awesome tradition with the invention of the television. My husband and I have been eating dinner in front of the TV since we’ve been married (ugh!), and I’ve constantly been complaining about how I feel like we are wasting our week just watching TV, and never actually doing anything meaningful.  Now that we’ve started this newfangled idea it has definitely made every night feel more special for us. Life is awesome because of the people you have, not the fictional ones, so spend it with them.

1. Food: Plan out a weekly menu of yummy things filled with traditions and new recipes.  You could start a weekly pizza night or taco night. Whatever floats your boat. The things that are constantly on my menu are spaghetti, roasted veggies, and Chinese takeout. Here are some of my favorite recipes:

2. Music: Create awesome playlists of your favorite tunes to play during your meal.  I create different ones based around a mood (i.e. relaxed, fun, romantic, etc). Here are my current favorite dinner tunes:

  1. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long- Otis Redding
  2. Summertime- Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald
  3. Lost In My Mind- The Head & The Heart
  4. Mess is Mine- Vance Joy
  5. Try A Little Tenderness- Otis Redding (my jam!)
  6. Dream a Little Dream of Me- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
  7. Only Love Can Hurt Like This- Paloma Faith
  8. I’m Scared- Duffy
  9. That’s It!- Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  10. Hedwig’s Theme- John Williams

3. Atmosphere:  Creating an atmosphere can transform the mood of any night to romance and relaxation. Dim the lights, put an unscented candle in the middle of the table, and hang up some string lights. Bam! Instant ambience. Make sure you set the table all pretty too.

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4. People & conversation: Grab the ones you love, and start chowing down. Make sure you share a few words in between bites though. To make it even more special invite a few friends or family members over. Nothing says love like feeding someone (well, at least to me).

Spend time with your people, people! bon appétit!

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