Kittens, Superpowers, and Achieving Your Dreams

me n dave

Welcome to The Planned Path! My name is Jessica, and I will be your tour guide, or writer if you prefer the correct terms for things. If you would like to know a few things about me before we get started, I enjoy long walks in the forest, dancing, and cuddling with kittens. Pictured above is myself and my lovely husband, Dave. We are a family of six, the other four being our two cats, Pudge and Zero, and our two dogs, Leia and Alaska. All pictured below.

Pudge          Zero

Leia         Alaska

I have a deep desire to live meaningfully, as well as a slight (some may say major) tendency to plan out every little detail of every little thing. Join these two superpowers together and you have… The Planned Path (Unfortunately this was not created by radioactive spiders, but by long hours of planning, thinking, and a wee bit of hair pulling). If you like those sorts of things, you know, living meaningfully and having someone tell you how to do it, then this is the place for you.

Over the next six weeks I will be doing a series focusing on how to achieve your dreams and goals, and this will be starting…drumroll…TOMORROW. I’m filled with butterflies and dragonflies and all sorts of fluttering things, but most of all excitement! This series will be released every Monday until its completion, and you can reference back to my Achieving Your Dreams page to stay updated, and see what’s coming up. I also have several other tidbits related to travel, fun, and mindful living coming your way, so stay tuned.

Comments are encouraged and appreciated. If you have any questions, criticisms, or blog post ideas you want to throw my way, you can let me know at

See you soon mo chairde.

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