Today is  National Name Your Car Day!  My car’s name is Chuck (pictured above), and my husband newly minted his Karl. Have you named your car yet? Well if not, then today’s the day to do it. Go out and give you car a big hug, then pat it on the head, and say “that’s a good {whatever name pops in your head},” and there you go! You named your car. OK, so if that didn’t work for you I’ve included other options. Here are some car naming ideas:

  • Your favorite historical figure
  • Your favorite TV show or movie character
  • Your favorite author or a character from your favorite book
  • A long lost loved pet
  • Your favorite flower
  • A name that makes you laugh when associated with a car (Rhonda)
  • Name it after something that happened around the time you got it
  • If all else fails, just look up baby names

Now that you have named your darling vehicle, here are some ideas to help you celebrate:

  • Get a custom front license plate made with the new name on it
  • Get a T-shirt made that says “I’m with {your car’s name}”
  • Buy your darling vehicle a dangly thing for its rear view mirror
  • Take him/her through the car wash
  • Buy a new bumper sticker that says “I heart {your car’s name}”
  • Buy a bobble head that’s representative of the new name, and stick it on the dashboard
  • Change the poor things oil, and get it a tune up

Happy Name Your Car Day! So what’s your car’s name?

No cars were injured in the writing of this post.