What is Your Purpose in Life?

It seems one of the great questions of humanity has always been, “what is our purpose?” Why is it that people feel so drawn to ask this question and feel the need to have a purpose? If we were just the result of some random expansion of matter, what led us to actually ever care about such things? Perhaps it is because we were put here for a purpose, not just some random accident. Our hearts are filled with the desire to be more than nothing whether we act on it or not, and that did not come from nowhere.

So what could your purpose be? Why are you here? What are you supposed to be doing with your time on earth? Is it to be a painter, to bring people to tears with only a violin, to protect humans from other humans, to take children out of bad situations and find them loving homes, or is it maybe just mopping floors and ridding the world of bacteria? No, I don’t think it’s any of those things. I think they may be a part of our purpose, but they are not the root. They are just passions and abilities through which we can let our true purpose shine. Purpose is so much more than just a passion. When you simplify it down and really think about it, we all share the same purpose. But if we all have the same purpose, why is it so confusing? Because a lot of times we only ever consider it in the context of this small world and our short lives within it. To find out what our purpose is we need to answer three questions.


If we were just the random results of nature, then there is no purpose or reason we are here, other than just chance, which would mean love and goodness are nothing more than things we made up. Besides the fact that this option is completely depressing, it doesn’t actually make any sense, because within the physical boundaries that are established in this universe, something can’t come from nothing, and definitely not something this intricately designed and so full of diversity. I don’t care how many billions of years you might think we had to work with, it had to start somewhere. We have always had an explanation from the beginning of time, but as time has went on some have just chalked it up to the belief of a bunch of delusional fanatics and tried to come up with their own explanations. The root of our existence is simply that we were put here by a creator, that creator being God. So that leads us to our next question…


God didn’t create us so we could get good jobs and make lots of money (never put the measure of your happiness and how blessed you are on things that don’t last), you were created because God wanted you, plain and simple. He didn’t create us because He needed us, or that He wanted slaves to scrub the floors of Heaven. We were and continue to be created out of love.  I mean that’s really saying something when you love someone enough to literally want them forever and for always! God wanted us so much that He has bent over backwards to show us His love, by walking this earth and taking on all our shortcomings and sin, so that we could be with Him. Our purpose isn’t about doing grand or amazing things, it’s simply about choosing to love God. He already loves us, but He didn’t make us to be a bunch of robots with no choice in the matter. That wouldn’t be true love. True love isn’t a feeling, it’s choosing to love. And if you truly love God it will show through your actions every day (if you love God, you’ll keep His commandments, John 14:15), not just the days you feel like it or have a whim for God. Don’t ever get so distracted with the things of this life that you forget why you were put here in the first place.


God didn’t leave us to just guess about what all this life and purpose stuff is about. We have a book filled with answers and instructions and history that is from God. You know, the One upstairs, the One who created it all! You would think people would be scrambling to see what it says, what the answer to this life is and the story of it all. But no, we tend to get wrapped up in our short time here on Earth and all the temporary things, and have a hard time thinking of the big picture and all that is beyond this life. We have this life to enjoy no doubt, but never forget why you were given it. We need to understand what our beginning was, what all has happened because of that beginning, and what is in store for our future. Open up a bible and look and study for yourself, don’t just take my word for it, or anyone else’s for that matter.

Life really only has to be simple, but we cram it full of things trying to make it mean something. We fail to recognize it really only needs one thing to mean something, and that’s God. Everything else is just extra. Life is more than just trying to get by and survive. If you lost everything yet still had God, you would still have everything. When you die, it won’t have mattered whether you ever owned a home, had ten children and a husband, read every novel you could get your hands on, or had tea with the queen of England. When you die all that will have mattered is if you had God. You could have lived in a box without a relative or a novel to your name, and be spat on by the queen of England, but still have the same love, care, and reward when you die as Sally in the big brownstone if you both just had God. The sufferings we experience here are really nothing when you think about the eternity that lies beyond.

“For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” -Romans 8:38

Image by: Tom Hall