My Top 10 Favorite Prank Videos

I absolutely love watching pranks. It’s one of the few things that can actually make me laugh obnoxiously loud to the point of not being able to breath (yes I’m heartless, I know). So I thought I would lighten things up this week, and share my top 10 favorite prank clips. I hope you enjoy!

1. Scare Tactics- Rat Monster

2. The Carbonaro Effect- Crabby Transformation

3. Just For Laughs Gags- Crazy Clown

4. The Carbonaro Effect- Oral Tracking Device

5. Just For Laughs Gags- Pink Elephant Prank

6. Ed Bassmaster– Skippy Stare

7. Scare Tactics- Grandpa Has Returned

8. Just For Laughs Gags- Join the Army

9. VitalyzdTv- Miami Zombie Attack Prank

10. Scare Tactics- Crop Circle Showdown

Happy Monday!

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Best Workout Videos on Youtube

It’s the holidays, which means you’re probably guzzling down food, and hopping from leg to leg trying to get your jeans on, but I have the perfect solution to battle the holiday gut. An almost endless source of free exercise videos, Youtube (although my normal solution is usually to eat a carrot and do five squats). I recently started doing yoga through a video series on Youtube called 30 Days of Yoga, and it got me thinking about how many free exercise videos there are on Youtube right at our fingertips, perfect for shy and reclusive people like me. You can learn new exercises without ever having to leave your house or interact with people. If you search through Youtube you can find plenty of exercise videos to try, but I’ve selected some (linked below) that I felt were worth checking out. Happy sweating!


30 Days of Yoga by Yoga With Adriene

Morning Yoga for Flexibility by TaraStiles


“Uptown Funk” Zumba Routine by SHiNE DANCE FITNESS

“Dear Future Husband” Zumba Routine by


Cardio Kickboxing by FitnessBlender


Tai Chi for beginners by BodyWisdomTV


Pop Pilates for beginners by blogilates

Pilates Full 30 Minute Class by eFit30


Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism by BeFit


I have this intense desire to train like I’m in the military with a drill sergeant in my face screaming at me, except that I would prefer for it to be in my own home through a video, so I can cry in privacy if I like. Unfortunately there isn’t anyone screaming in my face in this video, but it will do.

Navy Seal Workout by body health

Have fun, and don’t forget to eat a carrot!

Photo by : Kevin Dooley

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Survival Skills: Video Series

survival skills video series

Who else is excited The Walking Dead is finally back on?! You know, for a while now I have been extremely interested in self-sustainable living and survival skills, and I can’t quite figure out when it started, but I’m suspicious it might have something to do with the start of The Walking Dead. It also seems like interest in survival skills has been increasing a lot lately with others since the start of the show, but this could also have something to do with the fear of terrorist attacks. Regardless of whether you are freaked out by zombies, terrorists, or getting trapped on a desert island, I feel like survival skills are pretty important to know and fun to learn. You never know when a herd of zombies is going to attack. Since there seems to be such an interest in this I’ve spent hours (and hours and hours) scouring Youtube for the best videos I could find on survival skills to share with you! Pick one and learn something new, or watch them all, and become a survival pro. It’s up to you.




I hope you enjoyed this post, because my plan is to start doing a video series of compiled Youtube videos every month of useful things to learn. Stay tuned for next month,  because it’s already in the works!

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