My Top 10 Favorite Prank Videos

I absolutely love watching pranks. It’s one of the few things that can actually make me laugh obnoxiously loud to the point of not being able to breath (yes I’m heartless, I know). So I thought I would lighten things up this week, and share my top 10 favorite prank clips. I hope you enjoy!

1. Scare Tactics- Rat Monster

2. The Carbonaro Effect- Crabby Transformation

3. Just For Laughs Gags- Crazy Clown

4. The Carbonaro Effect- Oral Tracking Device

5. Just For Laughs Gags- Pink Elephant Prank

6. Ed Bassmaster– Skippy Stare

7. Scare Tactics- Grandpa Has Returned

8. Just For Laughs Gags- Join the Army

9. VitalyzdTv- Miami Zombie Attack Prank

10. Scare Tactics- Crop Circle Showdown

Happy Monday!

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20 Ways To Spend Time With Your Husband

Photo by: Caley Newberry Photography

Sorry for the delayed post this week, but seriously my brain has been like scraping metal together lately. Anyways I thought I would post something a little lovey dovey this week, since Valentine’s just happened, and there’s all this love in the air mumbo jumbo going around. Plus, I really like spending time with my husband. It’s easy to think you have to do something big in order to spend time with your spouse, but there are plenty of little moments you can snatch that are just as (if not more so) meaningful. So without further adieu here are twenty moments you can share with your husband.

1. Watch the sunrise or sunset together

Ultimate cheesy romance movie scene situation! The sunrise/set is beautiful, and is a perfect moment to share with someone you love.

2. Clean together

Cleaning stinks, but not as much as when you don’t do it. Why not make it more meaningful by doing it with the one you love. Turn up the music, and get it done. You will have accomplished something together, and there won’t be any bitter feelings about one of you doing all the cleaning by yourself.

3. Cook together

I’m pretty good at cooking, except for the fact that I don’t like doing it, mostly because I’m lazy. It makes it a lot easier when you have someone to do it with, and a lot more fun. Make sure you turn on some music, and give him a smack on the butt with a wooden spoon. Well, maybe that’s not the most sanitary thing…

4. Dance together

Every now and again my husband and I break out in random goofy dancing (or singing). We don’t really discuss what just happened afterwards and just go on about our business, but I believe it brings us closer.

5. Stargaze together

There is nothing more beautiful to me than the stars. My husband and I have been catching all the meteor showers lately. Grab a big blanket and something hot to drink, then discuss the vastness of the universe.

6. Throw the football around

…or any ball for that matter. Doesn’t matter, just do something fun and playful. If you want to make a day of it, wait until game day, get some wings, and toss the football around during half time.

7. Go to a drive-in theater

The regular movies are great, but at the drive-in you can still chat or make comments without getting shushed. You can cuddle up to each other, and bring whatever food you like. We personally prefer Chinese takeout.

8. Go out for coffee, smoothies, or milkshakes

Sit at a cafe table, sip on your drinks, and stare deeply into each other’s eyes. First person to blink loses.

9. Cuddle

Walk up to him and demand to be cuddled with! That’s what works for me anyways. Skip the nagging and begging, and tell him like it is sister!

10. Create something together

Pick out something you can make together. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just draw each other’s picture and hang it on the fridge. Or maybe put together a new piece of furniture, and try to figure it out without instructions (but maybe keep them nearby just in case).

11. Sit around a fire, and discuss life

I love sitting around a fire. It’s where I’ve had some of my favorite memories and conversations. There are so few distractions, besides maybe a wolf lurking in the woods if you’re in the country. PLUS you can roast marshmallows.

12. Go for walks together

Your doing something healthy together, getting some fresh air, and an interesting conversations is bound to come up. Maybe because you just saw old man Walters through his window in nothing but a towel, but still interesting.

13. Laugh together

Share the sillier moments of your day or some of the funny stories you’ve heard. There’s nothing I like to do more with my husband than laugh. If that doesn’t work, then just tickle him.

14. Play with your pets

Get a string and make fluffy run in circles, while you both giggle repeatedly, or try playing Frisbee with old sparky.

15. Go out for breakfast

I love breakfast. Bacon, scrambled eggs, waffles, bacon. I always feel it’s better to try and start the day on a good note rather than just end it on one. Make breakfast a special date with your honey instead of dinner. You’ll be a bright and shiny smiling thing for the rest of the day…until someone cuts you off in traffic.

16. Figure out a crossword together

Bring out your inner old people, and try to decipher a crossword together. It’s actually a lot more fun than it sounds.

17. Go to an arcade

Bring out your inner children and a pocket full of coins. Spend the whole afternoon playing games, and trying to win that gigantic teddy bear on the wall.

18. Try out a new restaurant

Pick a new restaurant you have been meaning to try, and finally go out to eat somewhere instead of ordering takeout all the time.

19. Netflix marathon

Pick a show on Netflix to binge watch together like Making a Murderer, or have an all night scary movie marathon!

20. Go thrifting together

See all the cool and quirky (or hilarious) stuff you can find! Maybe you’ll find something awesome like a figurine of a cat in a top hat that you can proudly display in your home.

There you have it, twenty ways to spend time with your husband. Now go get him, yank him by the ear, and tell him like it is!

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Fun & 21 Thrifty Ways to Have It: Budgeting 101

This is my last post in my Budgeting 101 series (previous posts are linked at the bottom), and today we are going to focus on budgeting in some fun! If you have money left over when you are making out your budget, then budget in a date night or a family night out. My husband, being the more carefree one (and me the tightwad of course), has taught me a very important lesson since we’ve been married. You have to allow yourself to enjoy the money you make, which means don’t sit in a dark room with no cable eating a bowl of Ramen noodles in a shirt with holes and stains, because you’re too cheap to replace it. That would completely be me if  I was not gifted with my wonderful husband. Nothing burns you out faster than being all work (savings and bills) and no play. Go to the movies, go out to eat every now and again, treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, get that orange cream slush from Sonic you’ve been craving, just make sure to go during Happy Hour. I said have fun, not be stupid.

My husband and I both have budgeted amounts that we can spend on whatever we want every month, and then a separate budget for fun, whatever it may be. The whole spending money part might need to be tweaked if you have children, but just change it to fit your needs and situation.  I feel like this is the area of spending that most people struggle with. They buy or do whatever they want at the beginning of the month with no set amount in mind, or without keeping track of what they’re spending, and then they end up struggling and barely scraping by less than halfway into the month. Who needs that kind of stress in their lives? No fun at all! Set an amount, and track your spending, and for goodness sake, don’t put it on a credit card.

If you are on a super tight budget, and really just don’t have any extra funds in your budget, then there are still plenty of things you can do without spending a ton. Everyone  needs a little fun in their lives broke or not, so I’ve included 21 thrifty ways to do just that!


1. Go to a drive-in movie. It’s usually a double feature, so you get two movies for the price of one, and it’s a lot cheaper than a regular theater (at least around these parts). Plus you can bring your own snacks and drinks from home.

2. Grab a pizza from Little Caesars (or make your own!), and have a game night with your family. Board games, video games, card games, charades, you name it. My friend recently introduced me to a game called Fishbowl. Real real fun.

3. Invite friends or family over for a potluck meal. You’ve gotta eat anyways, so it’s not like it will cost you that much more money. Unless you were planning on eating tuna out of a can… If you’re a jerk you can just serve them the tuna.

4. Play a game of basketball, throw around the football, toss a baseball back and forth, or maybe play a hardcore game of badminton. You can find plenty of sports balls or sets at thrift stores and garage sales easily.

5. Put together a puzzle. You can find other friends or family who like puzzles, and borrow each other’s, so you don’t have to go out and buy a new one every time. Unless all your friends are lame and don’t like puzzles.

6. Have themed movie marathons via Netflix. It could be a specific genre, decade, or a combination of the two. 80’s animation anyone? Or maybe 90’s vampire flicks?

7. Go hiking somewhere beautiful and have a picnic. Fill your basket with yummy fruits and a tasty sandwich. If you’re really cheap I guess you could hunt down your food and cook it over a fire, but, um, I’m not recommending that.

8. Look up free events nearby. It could be speakers, movies in the park, free concerts, or festivals. You can look up colleges to see if they are having any speakers or free events (I scored a speech from Ralph Nader one time!), you could check your local paper for community events, or just use good old trusty google.

9. Instead of going out to eat, go out for dessert somewhere affordable like Sonic at Happy Hour as mentioned above. Or just buy a cheap tub of ice cream and wallow in how broke you are (not recommended).

10. Explore garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, and flea markets for something quirky and cool. I’ve found a vintage Coach satchel for $5, a shiny pleated silver skirt, and an awesome mermaid bookend, among countless other items! It’s like hunting for treasure.

11. Learn how to bake something new with someone, or if you have a kiddo, teach them how to cook something. Play music, and definitely lick the spoon afterwards.

12. Make a time capsule of current photos, news articles, letters, to do lists, etc. that are representative of your life or current events going on. Maybe write yourself a letter to open in 20 years!

13. Sit around a fire roasting marshmallows and hotdogs, and tell funny stories. Firewood is cheapest in cool weather seasons, or you can just chop your own if you’re willing to do a little hard work, and have trees to cut.

14. Have a water gun or balloon fight. The Dollar Tree is an excellent source of ammo. You could do a surprise ambush.  Just make sure you leave weapons for your victim to retaliate with, or it’s kind of lame and just plain rude.

15. Camp out in your backyard. Stargaze, cuddle, drink hot chocolate, forget your phones, and interact with your humans.

16. Create a romantic dinner at home with candles, dim lighting, and lots of pasta. Bribe one of your children to act as your waiter or waitress by letting them out of their chores for a week. I don’t have kids, so I don’t really know if this is appropriate or realistic. I haven’t been able to get my cats to do it.

17. Watch a meteor shower or an eclipse. Natural events are free and incredible! Make sure you take advantage people!

18. Grab some coffee, and take a morning walk around your town observing all the life occurring around you, the conversations, the smells, the little critters. Or just throw on a pair of headphones, and don’t make eye contact with anyone, so they don’t talk to you.

19. Do a crafty project. You can find plenty of inspiration through Pinterest or Martha Stewart. I’m not really a crafty person, but I’ve found a lot of supplies from estate sales that are now sitting in a bin in the back of my closet unused.

20. Check out FREE books or DVDs from the library. Half the fun is exploring the shelves, and picking something out. They say nothing in life is free, well libraries are! Unless you aren’t very good at returning your books on time…

21. If all else fails just play Hide & Seek!

Do you have any thrifty ideas for having fun? Share below.


Creating Financial Goals

A Guide to Creating & Sticking to a Budget

Money, Ways to Make More & Ways to Save More

Overcoming Debt & Creating a Savings

Photo by: Morgan Sessions

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20 Clever Gift Ideas

Gift ideas

There are always those people out there (yeah, I’m talking about you dad!) who cause you to wander down aisle after aisle and store after store trying to find the perfect gift, and you still come up with nada! Well, to help you overcome this gift buying block, I’ve come up with twenty clever gift ideas of all different price ranges to hopefully jog your brain. Here ya go:

  1. Essential oils & a diffuser, with a list of all their uses and benefits
  2. Beautiful edition of one of your favorite books, with an inscription of why it’s meaningful to you, as well as why they are meaningful to you
  3. Rose bush (David Austin roses are beautimous!)
  4. Subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime
  5. High quality bottle of olive oil
  6. Silk pajamas
  7. Tea kettle or teacup, and premium tea
  8. Box of jelly beans
  9. Instant camera with film
  10. T-shirt of something they are a total fangirl/boy over
  11. High quality shower head
  12. Hammock
  13. Subscription to Birchbox, or some other monthly box of goodies
  14. Nice indoor plant, such as an air plant or a zebra cactus
  15. Quirky socks (ModCloth has a good selection)
  16. Lots of hand soaps from Bath & Body Works
  17. Electric toothbrush and fancy toothpaste
  18. Season passes to their favorite amusement park
  19. Gourmet coffee beans, and a coffee grinder
  20. A fun filled day: giftcard to a cafe, their favorite store, a nail salon (or something more manly like a barbershop), and the movies

Good luck mo chairde!

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6 Scary Movie Marathon Ideas

I love watching scary movies no matter how much they creep me out. It brings back fond memories from my childhood watching them with my dad or searching through his old VHS tapes to watch them. In honor of my dad and my love for horror flicks I’ve listed six scary movie marathon ideas for you to choose from on Halloween night as you pass out candy to the wee ones. Some of these movies I would recommend you watch the TV versions of, or utilize the fast forward function on. I have flagged them below for your convenience (are boobs and sex supposed to make horror movies scarier or something?).


This consists of all your classic movie monsters, as well as a couple of extras. These are horror films roots people!

  • Nosferatu (1922) (This is a silent film based off the novel, Dracula)
  • Dracula (1931)
  • The Wolf Man (1941)
  • Frankenstein (1931)
  • Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954)
  • The Mummy (1932)
  • White Zombie (1932) (One of the first ever zombie movies!)


These are your classic can’t miss horror films. We’ve got some zombies, some slashers, some creepy guy a little too obsessed with his mommy, and some guy with an axe.

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
  • Psycho (1960)
  • Night of The Living Dead (1968)
  • Rosemary’s Baby (1968) (TV version or fast forward)
  • The Shining (1980) (TV version or fast forward)
  • Halloween (1978) (TV version or fast forward)
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)


The 80s! One of my favorite decades for horror films. This list is filled with vampires, a disfigured slasher who preys on teens in their dreams, zombies and zombie cats, and a gang of kids who take down some classic monsters.

  • Fright Night (1985) (Fast forward) One of my all time favorites!
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) (Fast forward ) My absolute favorite! R.I.P. Wes Craven.
  • Friday the 13th (1980) (TV version or fast forward)
  • Night of the Comet (1984)
  • Pet Sematary (1989)
  • The Lost  Boys (1987)
  • Monster Squad (1987)


I heart the weird and quirky (unless it’s the movie Eraserhead). This list includes murdering puppets, killer space alien clowns (love!), a hotel owner with a garden of victims, and a creepy leprechaun.

  • The Puppet Master (1994) (TV version)
  • Creepshow (1982)
  • Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)
  • Motel Hell (1980) (TV version)
  • Leprechaun (1993)
  • House (1986)
  • The Frighteners (1996)


A lot of my favorites are older movies, but there are some newer ones that seriously freak me out. Here is a list of super creepy ones to give you some nightmares, or no nightmares because you won’t be able to sleep.

  • 28 Weeks Later (2007) (TV version or fast forward)
  • Insidious (2010)
  • The Descent (2005)
  • Paranormal Activity (2007)
  • Mama (2013)
  • The Blair Witch Project (1999)
  • The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014) (Fast forward)


These are some great Halloween films if you have kids (or you are a kid at heart). They aren’t too scary, but I don’t have kids, so that’s really for you to decide.

  • Gremlins (1984)
  • Hocus Pocus (1993)
  • Casper (1995)
  • Monster House (2006)
  • Watcher in the Woods (1980)
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)
  • Coraline (2009)

Happy Halloween everyone!

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10 Ways to Spend Your Anniversary

I want to wish a very happy anniversary (yesterday) to the best husband a girl could possibly have, and in honor of our anniversary I’ve listed ten ideas on how to spend this special occasion.  :)

  1. Go on an awesome road trip across the United States (or at least to another state), and stop at every quirky roadside attraction you come across.
  2. Go camping somewhere with gorgeous views. Sit around a fire, and whisper sweet nothings, while staring dreamily into each other’s eyes.
  3. Order all your favorite foods and play video games or board games all night.
  4. Dress up all fancy, and go on a dinner cruise or on a dinner train.
  5. Borrow a truck and go to a drive-in movie. Fill it with blankets, pillows, and unhealthy concession stand food.
  6. Let out your inner child! Spend the day flying kites, playing at the arcade, and eating ice cream, then end the night by building a fort.
  7. Have a picnic at dinner time, then stargaze, and find all the constellations using an astronomy chart.
  8. Order a pizza, turn up the music, and build something together for your home, such as a dining room table that can be passed down to future generations.
  9. Spend the day playing pranks on all your friends. You can find a plethora of ideas on Pinterest. Hopefully they will forgive you afterwards. It is your anniversary after all.
  10. Find a quirky hotel to spend the weekend at, such as a cavern hotel, a train cart, or a tree house.

Me and my husband had an entire week of festivities planned out. It included video games and pizza, a romantic dinner, sifting through salvage stores for stuff for our future home, a drive in movie, and a planetarium! And that’s just some of the stuff!

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My Top 12 Favorite Planning Tools

Top 12 Planning Tools

I am a business owner, I am a bookkeeper and secretary, I am a writer, I am married to a youth minister, and I manage my household finances and groceries (and every now and again I throw in some cleaning). How do I keep from going completely crazy? Well, I don’t, but how do I keep myself a little less crazy? I have a few tools in my arsenal to give me random spurts of sanity, so I can get some actual work done. If you are interested in making yourself a little less crazy as well, then here’s a list of my top 12 planning tools that I use constantly to keep myself from roaming the streets shaking people and hissing at them:



My planner goes with me everywhere. It’s bright and colorful, and the second love of my life. I use it for my schedule, all my important lists, to plan out my dreams and goals, for meal planning, all sorts of things! Maybe one day I will give you a peek of what’s inside ;). (




 I use this for making all my budgets ( I make A LOT of budgets). I love it because I can quickly sum up all my expenses, and have it automatically subtract the expenses from my income to make sure I’m not budgeting to spend more than I have.


Reusable To Do List


I use this to organize all the tasks I have to do at my job, but it would be a great idea for a home maintenance schedule or something of that sort. Basically, it’s a clear sign holder (here’s one from office max) with a print out of everything I do weekly divided by the days of the week, and I just mark off tasks with a dry erase marker as I do them.


cheap notebooks


I go for the cheapest ones I can find. Using an expensive high quality journal seriously stunts my creativity, because I worry about wasting the pages. With crappy notebooks I am able to write badly and put down all my thoughts without feeling guilty about it.


Le Pen


My absolute favorite pen. It writes thickly and smoothly like a fine point sharpie, but doesn’t bleed through the page. Oh, and it’s cute and has a fancy name. (purchase here)


Wunderlist   IMG_5283   IMG_5284


I love making lists, probably one of the most boring passions to exist. Wunderlist is a super useful app that makes list making beautiful and simple, and you can easily make subitems for each item you create as seen above. Definitely one of my favorite list making tools besides any random scrap of paper I happen to find.




I use this to organize all my dreams, goals and plans with pretty pictures, and to get inspiration. I’m sure you know what Pinterest is, but it’s basically just an easier and cheaper way to make vision boards. (




This App is great! I use it for making grocery lists, but you can use it for any sort of list. It automatically categorizes everything you put on your list (dairy, meats, canned, etc.), and will recognize whatever food you are putting in, so you don’t have to type it out. It is awesome, and makes traversing the grocery aisles much easier.




I use this to track my spending, and make sure I am not going over budget. It connects to your bank account, and will automatically categorize your transactions into your budget categories. Did I mention it’s free? If you are worried about whether it’s safe or not this article might make you feel better. (




I am a huge nerd! This website is what I use to organize all the books I have read, and plan to read. Believe me it’s necessary. (


Google Photos


This app is a simple and great way to organize all your photos, and it backs them all up to your google account, so you can delete them off your phone. It’s super easy to create albums, and all kinds of other cool things. Much better than just letting a thousand pictures sit in one folder on your phone taking up space. Plus, it has this cool thing called visual search, where you can search for a term like “cats” and it will bring up a picture of all your darling kitten photos. (




This is how I know everything that I know. Well, besides how to be a decent human being or something. Well actually… (

Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed, and found something useful to improve your sanity!

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20 Things To Do This Fall

I love Fall! It’s easily my favorite season. The beautiful colors, the cool air, the cozy clothes, and most importantly Halloween! So just as I did for Summer, I’ve made you a list of fun things to accomplish this Fall. I’ve only included twenty things this time to make it more feasible for you to accomplish (plus I’ve got to save some of my other ideas for next year), but it’s definitely not lacking in fun and coziness, so enjoy!

  1. Have a picnic by a lovely waterfall.
  2. Rake up a bunch of leaves, then jump in them.
  3. Go camping, and enjoy the cool air and the stars.
  4. Have a bonfire, and roast marshmallows.
  5. Buy a new scarf (I’m going for plaid)
  6. Simmer cinnamon sticks and orange slices to make your house smell spectacular.
  7. Collect leaves, and press them, then make some cool leaf art.
  8. Go apple picking, then make caramel apples.
  9. Bake a homemade pie, with a yummy crust.
  10. Drink apple cider.
  11. Have a scary movie marathon.
  12. Make homemade beef stew, and share it with the ones you love.
  13. Go for a morning walk or hike to see the leaves changing.
  14. Throw the football around.
  15. Go to a Renaissance Fair, and inf you’re are awesome, dress up!
  16. Go on a train ride, and enjoy the pretty scenery.
  17. Wander about, taking pictures of all the little critters you come across.
  18. Go rock hunting (one of my favorite things to do!)
  19. Bake homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  20. Buy a cozy sweater.

I’ve already filled my calendar with all the fun Fall things I hope to do. I hope you will too. That unintentionally rhymed. Happy Autumn!

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10 Ways to Treat yourself

It’s the end of the week, you’re exhausted, and you’ve been going non-stop. This is the time most people go out and enjoy their weekend free from work, but you? No you’re too cheap for that (I’m talking to myself right now). It’s a cup o’ noodles and flipping through TV channels for you.  It’s time to get your act together! There is nothing wrong with being a little indulgent every now and again, so to help you out, I’ve listed 10 mostly affordable ways to treat yourself. Pick one and go!

  1. Buy yourself some beautimous flowers. No need to wait for a dude.
  2. Go on a makeup shopping spree. Try on all the lipsticks until you find the perfect shade, and stock up on perfume samples.
  3. Take an Epsom salt bath with some essential oils and a favorite candle. Epsom salt eases stress and relaxes the body along with a lot of other awesome things. Look it up.
  4. Have a hot cup of tea or coffee, while listening to your favorite music amongst ambient lighting.
  5. Curl up under a thick cozy blanket and a read a book that takes you on an exciting adventure and keeps you turning the page.
  6. Buy new undergarments. I know some girls who buy themselves a new pair of underwear whenever they have a bad day, and claim it instantly makes them feel better.
  7. Stop at a coffee shop or bakery and have a cup of gourmet coffee with a yummy scone or muffin. Preferably somewhere with a place to sit and people watch.
  8. Allow yourself to binge watch a new TV series you’ve been interested in with a big bowl of popcorn, without feeling guilty for wasting time in front of the television.
  9. Have a girl’s night! Sometimes nothing can feed your soul like having your best gal pals over to talk about anything and everything.
  10. Buy a fun piece to add to your wardrobe, such as a silver sparkly dress or a quirky pair of cat flats.

Enjoy! Seriously. Go and enjoy right now. Well maybe after you get off of work, or the toilet if that’s where you are.

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20 Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

random acts of kindess

Life is full of grumpy people making other people grumpy. Don’t be that grumpy person! Be the bright light in someone’s cloudy day. When you start thinking more about showing love to others and less about yourself, it will inadvertently brighten your day. Chances are there is someone out there right now you can think of that could use a little dose of encouragement, so here are twenty ways you can brighten someone’s day:

  1. Bake them heart shaped cookies with red icing.
  2. Send them flowers and balloons. Throw in a barbershop quartet if you’re feeling extravagant.
  3. Send them a $5 gift card in the mail.
  4. Draw them a funny picture they can proudly post on their fridge. Don’t forget to sign your name at the bottom.
  5. Wash their car (or maybe just finger write something sweet on their dirty windshield)
  6. Bring them a cupcake.
  7. Buy them groceries with a bunch of useful stuff like milk, bread, and paper towels, and a bunch of fun stuff like popsicles, oreos, and sriracha, then deliver it to their house.
  8. Give someone stuck in the rain your umbrella.
  9. Turn up some music really loud and start dancing until they are crying with laughter or can’t help but dance themselves.
  10. Send them a funny cat video.
  11. Serenade them with “You Are So Beautiful.”
  12. Encourage them when they are pursuing their dreams, in order to combat self-doubt and the many haters.
  13. Fill their ice cube trays.
  14. Bring them soup and magazines when they are sick, and include a nice little get well note.
  15. Tell them exactly what makes them great. Be specific! “You is kind. You is smart. You is always leaving the toilet seat down.”
  16. Bake them some homemade bread.
  17. Bring them breakfast and coffee. Make sure bacon is involved, unless they are weird and don’t like bacon.
  18. Send them goofy pictures of yourself.
  19. Take them for a pedicure.
  20. Pretty much anything with food is probably a good idea. It isn’t just the way to a man’s heart, it’s the way to anyone’s heart. Unless it’s anchovies.

My challenge for you today is to pick something off this list (or one of your own awesome ideas), and do something special for someone. Life is way too full of negativity and judgmental comments meant to bring other people down. Be the person who puts love and kindness out there.  That’s how you change the world for the better.

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