How to Have the Best Birthday Ever

I am going to be 26 tomorrow. 26! Blows my mind. Some of you may be scoffing at me right now, but I just don’t feel adult enough to be such an adult age. This is prime baby producing, house buying, generally just having your life together age, none of which are me at this point. I do have reading glasses, and drink lots of coffee though. Does that count?

I am out of town, as usual, at Exposure Youth Camp, but when I get back I will be celebrating by buying myself fresh flowers, eating as many chocolate chip cookies as I like, and then going to the Medieval Times! I am forcing my husband to buy me one of those princess hats that has a ribbon sticking out of the top to wear to it (hence the not being adult enough to be such an adult age thing).

Now, on to how to have the best birthday ever! I’ve put together a handy little guide to ensure your day is a sparkly confetti filled birthday full of awesomeness. Just make sure you include everything on the list.

  • Set your alarm to play an amazing song, so you start your day off on the right foot.
  • Wear anything that identifies you as the birthday girl (or boy). Hats, shirts, buttons, sashes, princess hats, flashing headbands. This is to ensure you are told “happy birthday” an adequate amount of times.
  • Eat as much of the food you love as you want. Cupcakes, sushi, steak, cookies, bacon!!
  • Demand things. My best friend hates my birthday, because I’m such a brat. Is this the person you should strive to be? No, but it’s my birthday, so back off ok…and get me a cupcake…and a balloon…and a card with a cute kitten on it.
  • Dance!
  • Use some of your birthday money to buy yourself something glamorous. If no one gave you any money, then demand it from the next friend or family member you see. “It’s my birthday Stacy, just give me your money!”
  • Have a yummy breakfast.
  • Pull pranks on people. It’s your birthday, they shouldn’t be allowed to get mad at you.
  • Remind people that haven’t properly acknowledged you that it’s your birthday.
  • Make yourself a birthday playlist of all your favorite music to fill the less festive moments, because every moment should be festive on your birthday!
  • Wear something that makes you feel great, and do your hair up real nice.
  • Go on an adventure! Ride a rollercoaster, play hide and seek somewhere completely random, drive somewhere new, play laser tag, do something fun.
  • Pick people to spend the day with.
  • Have a party! If no one is throwing you one, then throw your own silly. Have a dinner party, a game night, invite everyone out to eat somewhere fancy, or just fill a room with balloons, give everyone confetti, and tell them where to be and when you will be arriving, so they know when to yell out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

Well I hope this helps you plan the best birthday ever, and don’t forget…Tomorrow is my birthday, so I expect birthday wishes and cupcakes.