About Me

Hi, I’m Jessica! I have a bachelor’s degree in business management, and am currently working as an administrative assistant for the tourism board of the great Gadsden, Alabama area where I live with my husband, Dave, and our two beautiful cats, Pudge & Zero, and two hyper dogs, Leia & Alaska. On the side I like to treasure hunt for antiques and various other unique things with my mom. I am also writing a book, which will be done in roughly 30 years.

One thing that has always concerned me was wasting my days on pointless things. I yearn for them to have meaning, filled with fun and memorable moments, not sitting around watching television, constantly tidying my house, or cooking a meal just to repeat the same sequence the next day. Pair this vision with my intense passion for planning all things, and you have my blog. My goal is to give people specific meaningful and memorable ideas for their life, and to define what truly matters during our time here on earth.

Some other tidbits about me: I love reading, kittens, Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling is my #1 heroine), dancing wildly, and laughing, but more importantly making other people laugh. I believe life is just many small paths all contained in one really large path, the large path being the reason we are here, our purpose, and what we choose in relation to that. I believe we are here because God created us and everything that exists. We were created because God wanted us and desires for us to want Him. Why do artists create? Because it brings them pleasure and joy. God is the ultimate artist.

Thanks for stopping by!