20 Clever Gift Ideas

Gift ideas

There are always those people out there (yeah, I’m talking about you dad!) who cause you to wander down aisle after aisle and store after store trying to find the perfect gift, and you still come up with nada! Well, to help you overcome this gift buying block, I’ve come up with twenty clever gift ideas of all different price ranges to hopefully jog your brain. Here ya go:

  1. Essential oils & a diffuser, with a list of all their uses and benefits
  2. Beautiful edition of one of your favorite books, with an inscription of why it’s meaningful to you, as well as why they are meaningful to you
  3. Rose bush (David Austin roses are beautimous!)
  4. Subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime
  5. High quality bottle of olive oil
  6. Silk pajamas
  7. Tea kettle or teacup, and premium tea
  8. Box of jelly beans
  9. Instant camera with film
  10. T-shirt of something they are a total fangirl/boy over
  11. High quality shower head
  12. Hammock
  13. Subscription to Birchbox, or some other monthly box of goodies
  14. Nice indoor plant, such as an air plant or a zebra cactus
  15. Quirky socks (ModCloth has a good selection)
  16. Lots of hand soaps from Bath & Body Works
  17. Electric toothbrush and fancy toothpaste
  18. Season passes to their favorite amusement park
  19. Gourmet coffee beans, and a coffee grinder
  20. A fun filled day: giftcard to a cafe, their favorite store, a nail salon (or something more manly like a barbershop), and the movies

Good luck mo chairde!

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