10 Fun Date Ideas With Your Bestie

We always focus on finding new ways to spend time with our significant other, but your bestie needs love too! Below I have listed 10 awesome ways you can spend time with your fave friends. Never take them for granted. It’s much harder to make friends once you get older. Pick one, and put it on a calendar!

  1. Go to your favorite restaurant and have a feast, ordering anything your hearts desire, then split the bill. Me and my bestie love to do this with sushi. Or maybe you could go around town buying all your favorite foods, and have a picnic somewhere beautimous.
  2. Go camping together at a nearby state park. Nothing is more empowering than building your own fire, hiking through the wild, and protecting yourselves against dangerous prey armed only with a knife. Ok, maybe not the dangerous prey part, but roasting marshmallows over a fire under the stars, can’t get better than that.
  3. Pick a new tv show you both haven’t seen, and your significant other refuses to watch, then binge watch it on Netflix or Amazon Prime with bowls full of popcorn. Or grapes. Whatever you like. What’s our binge watch show of choice? Gilmore Girls all the way.
  4. Turn up the music and cook something awesome together with bad dancing and loud singing mixed in . Cook something new that you both are a little scared of or maybe bake some cookies and carry them to someone who needs some encouragement (after you eat a couple of course).
  5. Plan a road trip together across the United States! or maybe just whatever state you live in. Then pack your bags and head out on the open road with a stash full of delicious snacks.
  6. Choose some kind of race to participate in such as the Color Run, then find a nature filled trail to train together on, while you try to figure out why you both decided this was a good idea.
  7. Make a list of local cafes and diners you both want to try, and start going down the list to find your new favorite spot. Maybe try a lunch date if both your work schedules allow it or do breakfast with lots of bacon involved.
  8. Drink hot tea or coffee together and have a nice chat on your back porch discussing the deeper things in life, like your pooping habits.
  9. Have a fun photoshoot around town or in a nice park. I personally prefer to make this as goofy and weird as possible, but by all means take it seriously if that’s more your style.
  10. Let your inner child out and spend the day at an arcade or amusement park. If you live close by Disney World I hate you, but definitely go to Disney World. All the time.  Every day.